Sunday, September 8, 2013

Excited to start!

I'm glad the first week is over! I tend to do the most talking in the first week, explaining expectations, procedures, routines, etc. It's important work that keeps us from getting tripped up once we really start rolling, but I'm glad the first part is over.

I read through the Goal Setting answers and I was very excited. I was excited because many of the things students want to have conversations about (talking about things you like to do, describing school, talking about food, weather, music and shopping) are things we cover in our Spanish 9 and 10 classes! We aim to teach things that are valuable to students, and when they tell us they want to learn some of the things we already plan to teach well then, we think we are going to have a great year!

Many students mentioned some things that are different about Latino culture, or they mentioned similar things about latino culture that they wanted to learn more about. Some of these things were how Latinos dress, their dances, currency, food, sports, and celebrations like Cinco de Mayo, Día de los Muertos, and Quinceñeras.  This showed us that you are an observant bunch, and you pay attention and notice things. That's great because that a big part of being a knowledgeable traveler is paying attention and asking good questions. That so many of you are already aware and curious means we are going to get a lot out of this class!

What's even better, is that we all share the common goals of being successful, and speaking Spanish and understanding Hispanic culture!