Monday, August 5, 2013

Great Hispanic Music Projects

I was so impressed with some of our Hispanic Music Projects I wanted to highlight a few!

  • Two students recorded themselves playing songs on a piano, used Adobe Soundbooth to mix in latino beats like bachata and cumbia, then created their own bandcamp webpage. This project mixes jazz, Mozart, piano, bachata and cumbia beats and mixing audio using Adobe Soundbooth.

  • One student created a website where she review four bands. The first one was from the band she was assigned to review on the first day, Hello Seahorse. Using the keywords/search terms Pete gave her, she found the other 3 bands. I had never heard of the other 3 artist, but what suprised me is that one of them, King Coya, has remixed music from Amadou & Mariam, a African band, as well as tango, and more!

  • Another student started by making a Soundlcoud mix, then created a Tumblr that gave details about each song she selected and the artist who made them, and finally made a poster for one of the bands as if they were coming to Pittsburgh. I was very impressed with how this student kept delving deeper and deeper into different aspects of the music.

  • Here is a video two students created from a song they liked.

  • This .gif was drawn by hand, scanned then color was added. This was "cover art" to a song two other students created.

As you can see, the projects we get are incredibly diverse! I'm constantly blown away with the creativity and technical skills our students demonstrate. Bravo, 2015 Team A!